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Designing beautiful spaces since 2006.

At Gillian & Co., we are known for our timeless designs that embody form and function. Let us help you redesign your home or start fresh with the design for a new build. Our strong architectural background sets us apart from other designers in The Blue Mountains, Ontario, allowing us to conceptualize spaces with architectural principles that impact the overall design from the floor to the ceiling.

About Gillian & Co. in The Blue Mountains, Ontario

We divide our design firm’s services into two distinctive categories: Creative and supportive. On the creative end, we can help with interior design and decoration, architectural drawings and space planning, custom millwork, custom product design and development, and furniture, finishes, and fixture specifications. On the design support end, we can oversee project management, sourcing, installation, and storage and shipping.

We strive to create environments that reflect every client’s needs and their aesthetic preferences. Whether you have us provide design advice and support for a modern home or a rustic chalet, or you simply want to refresh your space, we can create a stunning design that complements your everyday life. We pay attention to the little details that make a big impact, enhancing the way your space looks and the way you live.

What can we do for your next design project? Book a consultation with us today to discuss your design ideas and find out how we can expertly support your vision.