Benefits of 3D Drawings and Movies in Interior Design

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When you work with an interior designer to redecorate or refine your home’s appearance, you’re typically given 2D plans to show you what your home could look like. We at Gillian & Co. often prefer to use 3D drawings and movies instead.

Benefits of 3D Drawings and Movies in Interior Design

Here are some of the benefits of using 3D instead of 2D drawings to share our design plans with you:

  • Get the whole picture: One of the best things about using 3D drawings and movies for interior design planning is that you get to see the design plans from every angle to help you see the whole picture. This also allows the planning process to be a more immersive experience.
  • Understand the design plans: When we use 3D drawings and movies, it also allows you to have a better understanding of our design plans. We will still answer any questions you may have, but the 3D effect should give you a clearer idea of where we’re coming from and what you can expect for your interior design project.
  • See lifelike plans: Our 3D drawings and movies are also extremely lifelike in the way you will feel as though you’re getting a real tour of your future home. This is among the best ways to see what your home will really look like with our interior design services.

When you need to see plans for your next interior design project, simple 2D drawings work just fine, but 3D drawings and movies could be much better. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call.