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Your basement may become your favourite room in the house when you rely on our basement designers.

When most people think of basements, they think of half-finished spaces with cold, concrete floors and some shelving to store holiday decorations and other infrequently used items. At Gillian & Co., we want to help you transform your basement into a true living area of your home in The Blue Mountains, Ontario. Don’t let all that space go to waste when you could be using it as additional living space, guest quarters, or even a specialty room like a home theatre or game room. If you have a vision for your basement, let our basement designers bring it to life. And if you don’t have a vision for the space yet, we can help you form one.

Basement Designer in The Blue Mountains, Ontario

Whether your home is a primary residence or a vacation home, the basement could become one of your favourite spaces in the whole house. We have experience working in newly constructed homes, as well as redesigning existing spaces. Ski chalets and lake cottages can also benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience as interior designers.

When you rely on us to be your basement designers, you can be sure that we will attend to all aspects of the design, down to the smallest details. It is amazing how little things can make a big difference in the final design, including both the aesthetics of the space and how it functions. When your new basement design is complete, you will associate new words with your basement, like comfort, ambience, and beauty. Don’t wait to transform your basement, or your entire home. Contact us now to schedule a consultation with a basement designer from our team.